Director of Education’s Welcome

The Surya Varsani Academy (SVA) began teaching children in grades 1–7 in June 2017, with the 2017/18 academic year seeing the Academy establishing a robust and effective academic profile. We are now ready to add Preschool, IGCSE and A level classes, as well as grade 8.

As a new school SVA now has exceptional academic and sporting facilities but as yet has no history – no past examination results, no successful alumni and no established traditions. It does however have a great future, one which I invite you and your family to be a part of.

When a new business venture begins shrewd investors speak of ‘getting in on the ground floor’, meaning of course that as the organisation grows and flourishes, they will benefit from having been involved from the very beginning. There is a parallel to be drawn between this approach and a parent considering enrolling his or her children at the Surya Varsani Academy.

Our logo shows ‘Surya’ visually translated into a vibrant sunrise, illuminating and life-giving. This is no accident. A good school – and our Academy will become one of the best – nurtures its students. Boys and girls grow intellectually and physically. They progress academically and also socially and culturally. They become well-rounded and successful citizens of tomorrow, citizens who will take pride in their school as much as their school will take pride in their achievements and the manner in which they have secured them.

We are committed to equipping every child with the transferable skills which will be required in the future. In a few decades from now, when your children are key members of society, the world will be a place which is presently unimaginable. We know that advances in nano technology and AI (Artificial Intelligence) will radically change the characteristics of key occupations and professions.

We are, in common with every other school on the planet, preparing young people to succeed in a world which we presently do not know. However we do know that the ability to communicate effectively and to think and solve problems creatively will remain fundamental and desirable attributes. This is why we are teaching an International curriculum – because we consider this option to be the best preparation for the future and the most effective academic framework for the delivery of these essential skills.

The holistic approach offered by our Academy takes the finest characteristics of current teaching methodology and combines them to create a learning experience which emphasises independent and creative thinking, strong ethical and moral values, and the ability to develop the power of leadership whilst retaining humility and respect for others.

I warmly invite you to consider the Surya Varsani Academy as the preferred academic and sporting option for your child.

Martin Kennedy
Director of Education

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