Our Vision

The academy’s mission is to deliver value-for-money academic and supplementary curricula which will support each student in realising his or her goals.

The academy’s vision is to foster the key skills of independent learning, time management and creative/analytical thinking through an holistic curriculum which will be delivered through best international and domestic practice and thereby produce future graduates who  will bring credit to themselves and the institution not only through their achievements but the manner in which they have been accrued.

The Surya Varsani Academy (SVA) will, through ongoing consolidation of strengths and fresh initiatives, reflect these core values of academic success, sporting prowess, altruism, and the development of excellent social values through its formal, value-added and hidden curricula.

The academy will offer contemporary international teaching styles, modern pedagogy and educational management methodology. It will have a flourishing child-centred curriculum.

SVA teachers will understand the shortcomings of a traditional didactic ‘lecture’ style of teaching and will focus on innovative student-centred classroom practice.

For more information or to enroll

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