Chairman’s Message

Surya Varsani Academy (SVA) has been established to promote academic and sporting excellence in children aged 3 to 18 and to provide the best possible foundation for citizens of the future; citizens who are well educated, confident and successful in all avenues of life.

In a nation where 29% of children attend private schools (the number increases to 50% in urban areas) the choice made by parents when selecting a school is extremely important. Such choices will literally determine major aspects of your child’s future.

At times making this choice can be bewildering. There are so many institutions to consider, how can you possibly know which one is the best for your child?

One way of course is to consider a school’s reputation and track record. This is something which a new school such as ours has from the word ‘GO’.

My hope is that families in and outside Gujarat – and indeed India and International join with us to create one of the finest schools in the country, a school with state of the art accommodation, resources and the very best academic and sporting facilities.

A school with the best facilitators.

SVA works closely with you to make sure that your child not only reaches his or her full potential but that this is done in a manner which brings only credit to both your child and your family.

I warmly invite you to read our prospectus and our online information and then visit the Academy at your earliest convenience.

V. J. Patel
Board of Trustees

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