Director of Education’s Message

Surya Varsani Academy (SVA) offers your child unique academic and sporting opportunities which, with hard work from the student and the correct professional guidance from our staff, can be converted into outcomes of the highest quality and standing.

SVA offers an internationally recognised curriculum for children aged 3 years to 19 years, with high end qualifications awarded by Cambridge Assessment International Education. These qualifications are internationally respected and are robust, high value, and of global standing. Such qualifications open the doors of leading universities across India as well as globally. Cambridge IGCSE examinations (taken at 16 years of age) and Advanced level (taken two years later) are engaging but challenging. They require a high level of commitment and application, excellent specialised teaching, and proficiency in English.

The development of our students’ English language skills has, since the first day of operation, been one of SVA’s top priorities, one which drives our Induction programme, designed to raise the standards in English of students entering our school with modest ability in the language. We invest heavily in our pre-school children because in our experience a child entering our Academy at the age of three years with no English will become orally fluent in this key international language by the time he or she is five. These strategies underwrite future examination success and also deliver a life-long language expertise which will serve your child well.

SVA’s vision, mission statement and numerous policies are converted into action on a daily basis and provide the foundation for all of our students to reach their full potential. Students progress academically, socially, physically and culturally, maturing into well-rounded and successful citizens of tomorrow – citizens who will take pride in their school as much as their school will take pride in them, their achievements, and the manner in which they have secured them.

At SVA, we encourage independent and informed thinking, strong ethical and moral values, and the ability to develop the power of leadership whilst retaining humility and respect for others. We also expect students to work very hard and to appreciate the crucial relationship between effort and reward. This applies equally to involvement in sports, which not only provides balance with the academic curriculum and health for the individual child, but also contributes to the development of an understanding of the importance of teamwork and the setting and attainment of specific sporting goals.

Whatever your child’s specific interests and strengths are, Surya Varsani Academy will work with him or her as an individual person with unique attributes. Together we will enable each student to excel and to construct a strong foundation for future professional and social success.

I warmly invite you to consider Surya Varsani Academy as the preferred academic and sporting option for your child.

Martin Kennedy
Director of Education

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