Fee Structure

As you have already read SVA is exceptional in many ways, not least of which is its philanthropic foundations. The Academy’s income – which is derived from fees charged to parents – is generated only to cover the running costs of the Academy.

The capital costs such as buildings and facilities/equipment have been donated by the Trust. This means that SVA fees are lower than many other private schools, even those with poorer infrastructure and facilities. However in order to continue to invest in quality staff and further develop our resources it is imperative to ensure that the quality of education that the school produces does not suffer or fall behind in an increasingly competitive world.

We are therefore bringing to your attention the fact that school fees will rise annually to meet the increasing costs of providing your child with the highest quality of education and experience and you should be mindful of this when considering your medium to long term financial planning.

The fee structure for the 2018-19 academic year is as follows: Please note that there are 2 terms per academic year. Fees must be paid in full and in advance of each term’s commencement.

(Inclusive of transport and books)
KG1 KG2 20000 N/A
1 & 2 27500 N/A
3, 4, 5 and 6 33000 25000 (Grade 5 and above)
7 and 8 38500 30000
9 and 10 45000 30000
11 and 12 55000 30000

In addition there are ‘one time only’ fees payable when a child registers and later joins the academy.
These are listed below:

Registration 500 One time only, payable at the time of registration.
Enrolment fee 5000 One time only, payable when the fees for the first term are paid.
Deposit 10000 One time only, payable when the fees for the first term are paid. Refunded when a child leaves the academy.

For more information or to enroll

Call+91 9427 154154 Email admissions@sva.school