The Surya Varsani Academy has a scholarship committee which decides  how financial aid awards are allocated. The Academy trustees, who sit on this committee, are particularly keen to admit a quota of local children from families who would normally not be able to place their children at the SVA. All scholarships are currently offered by, and administered through, the VishramJadva Charitable Trust.

All families applying for financial support must complete an application form which requires parents to submit a detailed report of their financial affairs, including joint family income. The form is confidential, and is seen only by the scholarship committee members. It is designed to ensure that the available support is given to the most needy. Financial support ranges from modest financial support to awards worth a maximum of 95% of academic fees. Eligible families may also apply for support with additional expenses such as uniform and sports kit/equipment.

All families applying for financial assistance will have an interview, with their child/children present, at which the character of the family will be considered as well as the child’s potential to make the very most of the opportunity an assisted place offers. Academic potential will also be considered but this will not be the most important consideration when the decision regarding whether to offer a scholarship is taken. Consideration will be made regarding what a family and a child will bring to the life of the Academy as well as what the Academy will, in turn, bring to the child.

Standard admission forms as well as scholarship application forms are available online and as paper copy from the Academy. Further assistance with regards to any aspect of enrolment may be obtained by contacting XXXX, the Admissions Officer ,by email at  or by telephone on XXXX