International Exchange

International exchange, a program that is essential for the present generation to compete with the students of developed countries. The primary goals of international education are furthering knowledge and cultural capital, learning about places and cultures and gaining intercultural skills in the process that includes courses that highlight the best-practice models for delivering high quality, cutting edge instructional experience for the students. SVA is proud that it has the right platform for the students to achieve this reverie that can be easily applied in students’ learning environment with activities and best practices for use in the classroom and in out-of-school time.

SVA includes courses specifically designed to be hands-on experiences for any student looking to both incorporate project-based learning and universal competence in their classrooms that will help them develop the skills they need in today’s global and digital world. Here the students learn a proven method to develop international skill through project-based learning, learn how to engage themselves in projects that are inquiry-based, student-led, problem-focused, authentic, and rooted in real-world global issues.

It also includes courses specifically designed to be in-depth and innovative, for any student looking to enhance their assessment skills in a universally focused context. Worldwide perspective brings context, relevance, and usefulness to the classroom or program. By the end, the student will learn how to empower themselves and apply academic knowledge to real-world problems and challenges. SVA strives hard to move the students further up the continuum from global awareness to global understanding by learning how to identify globally significant issues and connect them to subject matter and local context.

The academy aims on how to develop, plan, and implement effective, globally focused assessments that integrate relevant instructional strategies by providing world-class learning environment and making the students learn how global issues can be integrated throughout STEAM (Science, Technology, Economics, the Arts, and Mathematics) education that help, guide student’s inquiry, and critical thinking in tackling complex global problems.

SVA becomes a bridge to help the students touch the peak and corroborate their abilities to another part of the world to study, research, or teach.