Introduction & Campus Overview

Surya Varsani Academy (SVA) was conceived as a major educational initiative in 2010, adopting a mission to establish a truly exceptional 21st century school in Bhuj, Gujarat.

Located 15 minutes’ drive from the town centre the Academy exists as an oasis of academic and sporting excellence amidst a semi-desert landscape. The first phase of the project was completed in time for tuition to commence for grades 1–7 in June 2017. In June 2018 the Academy opened Preschool and grades 8, 9 and 11, followed by grades 10 and 12.

Students in grades 4 and above have the option of hostel accommodation on campus. Students are housed in comfortable single-sex blocks. Food is served in two purpose-built restaurants.

A fleet of academy’s buses transport day students to and from school. We welcome local students, out-of-state students, students from Indian families residing overseas, and international students.

The academy delivers UK GCSE and A level courses.

The teaching faculty has been assembled from the finest practitioners in India. Teaching styles reflect the best domestic and international practice, with students being taught how to analyse, think creatively and solve problems. Students learn how to manage their time effectively, work independently and fruitfully and develop excellent personal academic profiles. The curriculum is delivered in English. An induction programme is available to assist students with an initially low level of English proficiency. This provides intensive specialised language training, after which students can join mainstream classes feeling linguistically confident.

The academy provides exceptional individual academic guidance throughout your child’s development. In the early years we implement individual education plans and assessments, a strategy which continues until grade 12; accessible online, these enable parents to remain completely up to date with their child’s progress. Our website also provides further windows to achievement, featuring daily news round-ups.

We provide appropriate additional support for students who require it, whether this be to raise attainment in areas of weakness or stretch the most gifted.

Towards the end of a student’s schooling the Academy will provide one-to-one counselling when the time comes to apply to universities at home or overseas.

The academy’s teaching and learning facilities are second to none, with smart classrooms, laboratories, ICT suites and studios accommodating classes with a maximum size of 26. The overall PTR (Pupil-Teacher Ratio) averages 8:1. There are specialist areas for the Arts as well as conference centres, an auditorium, well-stocked libraries and excellent dining halls serving fresh and healthy cuisine.

Round the clock security, nursing support and warden’s presence is in place.

Sports facilities provide the focus for much of the 30 acres landscaped site, with Olympic standard swimming pool, badminton, volleyball, basketball, tennis and gymnastics/athletics provision. Our aim is to add value to the robust academic curriculum by encouraging sporting excellence.

Boarders will benefit from modern yet homely purpose-built accommodation, designed with the academic and social needs of the student at heart. Wholesome and healthy meals will be provided at the academy’s spacious dining hall, with all food prepared on-site in purpose-built kitchens. Pastoral care will offer support for all students and provide reassurance for parents.

Educational trips and excursions will enhance learning, inclusive of international exchange trips with our partner schools overseas.

The principal aim of the institution is therefore to provide world-class academic and sporting instruction and to educate the next generation of leaders, athletes and entrepreneurs.

This being a NOT-FOR-PROFIT institution, established in the spirit of philanthropy, the tuition fees charged simply covers the running costs of the academy. The capital costs are donated and not recouped through fees. Surya Varsani Academy is as a consequence not only exceptional in terms of its infrastructure, facilities and human resources but also in terms of its affordability.

We believe in education for all as an empowering and life-changing concept.

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