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It gives me immense pleasure to pen down my thoughts as I welcome you to this section of the school’s website. Surya Varsani Academy is a school with a different thought. The school believes in productive work rather than just talk. It challenges us to seize new opportunities, take ownership and responsibility of our own lives and to firmly believe that we shape our own destinies. It is thus a call to action, to make things happen and to do things differently NOW so that the future would be something that we can look forward to. The infrastructure of the school is designed with utmost care towards the safety and security of the students. It serves as on abode that provides all the care, comfort, joy and happiness that a child longs for —truly “a home away from home”. Human Resources play an important role in the sustainability of standards of the school. We have as excellent team of faculty and administrative staff that play the role of the gardener to enable the blossoming of the children. They have established an excellent rapport with the students enabling the latter to approach them for help in taking the right decisions. This warmth, love, care and direction between us is indeed noteworthy. In my opinion, the schools and teachers have a great influence in shaping the strength and character of the students as they play as important role in class establishing the identity of a child training the talents, capabilities and creativity that the child is blessed with nurturing thoughts, ideas and all dimensions of the personality the process of disciplining and adopting the art and science of living a healthy lifestyle facilitating sports, arts, music and dance as an integral part of education fostering life skills and values evolvement of the individual as team player and as a responsible citizen of the nation and the globe. The pedagogical skills, the assessment methodology and the analytical approach adopted by the school enable the teachers to monitor the progress of each child as well as the class as a whole. We are in a constant endeavour for the hallmark of quality and 21st-century academic skills. Our association with various academic partners has enabled us to meet global standards in school leadership and governance. We have placed on the website the school calendar and the curriculum which outlines the important dates and schedule of activities being held at school. We also have a forum wherein parents have as access to reviews their ward’s progress and achievements. Thus, the website is a gateway of information readily available to parents. I am sure that this microcosm of our school shall enable the child to observe, to think, to explore, to communicate, to express in terms of creativity, to use technology prudently and to innovate for sustainable living on this earth.

V. K. Sharma
Surya Varsani Academy

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