Extra Curricular

The extracurricular activities for the students offer a wide range of academic, recreational, sporting and competitive options. The emphasis is on learning with fun.

The school provides a calendar of clubs and other activities to be conducted throughout the year.

More intellectually demanding options are offered which is encouraged as a way of building effective mental pathways and strategic thinking skills.

Extracurricular activities help children to develop their social skills and learn how to work in a team to achieve a shared goal. These activities allow the opportunity to the students to explore different areas of interest, increase self-confidence, build leadership skills and even improve grades.

All round development of a student is a dynamic trend in the new educational system. Besides providing academic growth, a school must also ensure the proper physical, mental moral and social development of a child. School provides optimum environment for the students to explore their creativity. We offer them various activities to choose from and pursue their interest to hone their innate potential. The Activity clubs are as follows:

 Eco club / Gardening  Eco Club
 Public Speaking  Public Speaking
 Book Buddies  Book Buddies
 Quiz Club  Quiz Club
 Dramatics  Dramatics
 Story Telling Club  Word Art
 Dance Club (Classical & Folk)  Dance Club (Classical & Folk)
 Music Club ( Instrumental & Vocal)  Music Club
 Photography Club
 Art & Craft Club  Painting Club
 Painting Club  Movie Making
 Reading Club  Reading Club

For more information or to enroll

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