SVA believes that being able to swim is an essential life skill. Our students learn to swim and thereafter make progress in the academy’s 20 metre training pool and once proficient, in our Olympic standard swimming pool. Both are covered to protect students from excessive exposure to UV.

Swimming is just one of the sports which all SVA students will be encouraged to participate in and compete in.


SVA’s tennis courts, which are both outdoor and covered, are of a professional standard. Students receive coaching in Singles and Doubles tennis, with the abler selected for more intensive training programmes in the sport.

Tennis promotes agility and contributes to the development of sound hand-eye coordination. The Doubles version of the game promotes collaboration and cooperation as well as the ability to work with a partner towards a common objective.

All students are encouraged to participate in and enjoy tennis as part of a rich and diverse sporting programme. The best players will be encouraged to participate in internal and external competitions in the sport.


A game of poise, control and anticipation, badminton encourages effective hand-eye coordination as well as improved motor skills. Students learn strategies associated with effective partnerships, developing the skills of reliance and trust for a partner and the promotion of the same reciprocated.

Badminton courts are located inside the multi-purpose sports complex. All students are encouraged to participate in and enjoy badminton as part of a rich and diverse sporting programme. The best players will be encouraged to participate in internal and external competitions in the sport.


Volleyball encourages the development of team spirit and collegiality. Students learn to support each other and cooperate within a team, for the ultimate good of the team. Individual skills are of course developed, but it is teamwork which underpins success in this sport.

Volleyball develops confidence, agility, reactive speed and motor skills. Quick thinking is essential for success as well as the ability to anticipate the moves and strategies of the opposition.

Table Tennis

This fast moving competitive sport helps students to develop quick reactions to their opponent’s play. Excellent motor skills, balance and batting technique are taught.

The increase in pace and accuracy of ball placement provides the focus for training, along with the teaching of a full variety of strokes, backhand, top spin etc. The game promotes rapid mental and physical reactions.

The Doubles version of the game promotes teamwork and awareness of the partner’s positioning and ability.


The speed and strategic context of basketball makes it ideal for the development of physical adjustment, fine hand-eye coordination and flexibility of movement.

The sport requires dexterity at all levels of engagement and also contributes to an understanding of the importance of the team over the individual.

SVA students will be encouraged to compete at state and national level as Academy teams develop.

Physical Education

PE has the most explicit connections to the academic curriculum, as it is offered as a subject at IGCSE level, where theory and practice combine when students are assessed.

PE is a broad subject, ranging from gymnasium-style activities and team games to fitness and circuit training.

It is complementary to other school activities such as yoga, where the relationship between mental and physical prowess is explicit.

Tournaments & Competitions

We believe that well organised and regulated sporting competition helps to build a well-rounded individual. Modern life is competitive and lessons learned when preparing for sporting challenges can serve a person in good stead in later life.

SVA students will compete on a personal as well as a team basis across a range of sporting activities.

Academy ‘colours’ will be awarded to students who compete in school teams and represent the academy in outside competitions.

Training / Coaching

The academy will offer coaching at introductory, mid and senior level for all sports offered through the sports programme.

Training will take place after school as part of the extra-curricular programme, as well as at weekends and times when the academy is closed for holidays.

Training programmes will extend the Physical Education programme which is a core curriculum component from Preschool to Grade 8.

Every effort will be made to enable students with an aptitude and interest in sport to excel at the highest possible level.

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