Each classroom or teaching area is supported by the latest educational technology; interactive ceramic white boards with intuitive software consolidate and extend the material presented through the teacher’s lesson delivery.

Light, bright and spacious, SVA classrooms provide a comfortable and flexible learning environment for students of all ages. Air temperature is controlled at a level optimum to learning and chairs and desks are ergonomically designed for efficiency and comfort.

Teaching displays – both 2D and 3D – enrich each classroom alongside exhibitions of students’ work. All displays reinforce topical learning objectives and are created to inform, entertain and give a sense of pride to their authors.


Reading for pleasure and information underwrites learning. One of the principal objectives at the SVA is to inculcate a love of reading and a respect for books. Our two large libraries offer an extensive range of fiction, non-fiction and reference books, most of which are available for personal borrowing.

The library stock has been selected carefully to provide access to the finest examples of world literature as well as the most reliable and up-to-date reference publications. Many books support curriculum content and copies of every textbook used in class can also be found in the library.

Our full-time librarians are always happy to assist young as well as older readers with their book selections.

The libraries also stock educational games such as chess, Boggle and Scrabble when fun learning can take place out of formal lessons. There are designated areas for relaxed reading and more formal zones for study, note taking and extended writing.

Both libraries have electronic library areas comprised of computer work stations with internet access and printing facilities.

ICT / Computer Science

SVA has an extensive network of work stations with differing levels of security and access. Computers are in all classrooms, driving interactive learning. You will find them used as design tools in the art studio and as compositional and recording aides in the music suite. Computers control the movement of our library books. Our administrative systems run separately from the general school network, which is used by all students and which has a state of the art firewall protecting students against inappropriate web content.

There are two purpose built Computing suites where whole classes can be taught. Robotics is taught through Saturday morning workshop sessions.


SVA has one general junior laboratory and three senior laboratories (Biology, Chemistry and Physics). Equipped to international examination standards each laboratory is managed by a technician who also supports the practical work which takes place.

Each laboratory has been designed to maximise safe and effective use of a range of equipment and processes.

Liberal / Performing Arts

SVA values the cultural aspect of education. The main ground minus 1 level is a dedicated performing arts suite, comprising dance, drama and music studios. Ground plus 1 houses the art and design studio.

The dance studio has floor-to-ceiling mirrors, sprung floor and superb sound and projection facilities.

The adjacent drama studio is similarly well resourced and sliding doors can be opened to create a larger space for rehearsals and studio scale performances.

In music students will learn notation and musical theory/history as well as practical playing and singing skills. Peripatetic rooms exist for private practice and a separate recording studio provides computer-aided recording of students’ work.

In art and design students work with a range of 2D and 3D media, including newer digital image and film-making processes alongside the more traditional painting, drawing and sculpting approaches.

Across the arts students engage in critical studies, appreciating work made by dancers, artists, playwrights, musicians and composers from a range of times, places and cultures; however, there will be a strong emphasis on Indian culture, both past and contemporary.


The SVA main auditorium is a substantial performance arena suitable for dramatic and musical presentations before an audience of several hundred people. Equipped with superb sound, projection and back stage facilities the auditorium can host creative performances as well as academic events such as speech days, public debates and prize giving.


SVA offers boarding to students from grade 4 and above. Students are housed in hostel buildings comprising of two room set aptly furnished apartments which accommodate four students each. All students have their own designated areas for study, and secure storage facilities.

Whilst the focus for the residential areas is study there is also an understanding that students away from their families will require special and sensitive support from staff and empathy from their fellow students. Students will be kept busy of course, academically, recreationally and in a sporting context, which is an established solution to times of initial homesickness.

Dining Halls

The academy offers pure vegetarian food in two dedicated dining halls. Menus are carefully considered to provide healthy and nutritious options of pleasing variety.

Food at the academy is nutritious and varied; the menus change regularly.

The academy is pleased to cater for special dietary requirements.


There is a well-equipped medical area, staffed by a qualified nurse. Parents are always informed should their child need medical care, and in the unlikely case of a student becoming seriously unwell the academy will ensure that transfer to hospital is speedily effected.

When students join the school parents are asked to provide information concerning any allergies, dietary requirements or existing medical conditions affecting their child.

Parents will also be expected to empower the school to take decisions regarding treatment in the unlikely event of a medical emergency at a time when they are not contactable.


Transport to and from the Academy is via a fleet of buses which travel a designated route each day. SVA only employs qualified drivers with excellent safety records. For younger children an assistant is always on board to ensure that they have a safe and enjoyable journey.

Journeys to and from school can be enriching educational experiences in their own right, as children discuss the day ahead or the one just concluded. They also provide valuable ‘thinking time’ as well as a period when the child can adjust and prepare mentally for the transition from home to school and vice versa.

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